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When travelling alone or with a small family, tourists and locals often choose the Standard taxi. We offer our Standard Taxi at a very reasonable price. Some vehicles are built to be powered, and others are made to provide you with maximum convenience. While the chauffeur drives, certain cars are considered regular taxis that can serve all duties adequately. We have it all for your convenience.

Whether is it going to your important meetings or appointments on time, heading out and around in Melbourne shopping or catching up with family and friends, we are waiting to make it a hassle-free and enjoyable stride. Standard Taxi is suitable for short trips and fairly economical for individuals travelling alone or in a group saving time and money!!

  • Call us to book your Standard Taxi or fill out the online booking form and you are ready to go!
  • With cabs running in Melbourne 24/7, we are a call away.
  • Your friendly driver will call and or SMS on request updating their approach for pickup.

Our top-notch cabs are reliable for comfort and punctuality and resilient against mishaps; else drivers are apt and adept. Keeping your needs at the priority, we have been able to maintain our standards and would keep on rising unless we reach our goal and go beyond that. There are many beautiful destinations that will impress you to take a ride. In Melbourne city, their beaches, beautiful gold rush era architecture, food and wine restaurant, open green spaces and a laid back atmosphere, all will attract you.

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