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We guarantee high quality, pleasant, safe and comfortable taxi service in Melbourne as well as all nearby locations.

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We don’t charge any extra amount when a customer books a silver taxi to Melbourne airport. Our rates are already fixed and are confirmed to the customer before the ride. The main Tariff is set in the Taximeter to maintain the overall transaction in a fair manner. Now don’t pay those extra bucks when you book a taxi to Melbourne airport, by riding with Cab Taxi Melbourne.

To enhance the comfort of the customers, we have arranged various things, in our cabs. We provide a bottle of water as complementary to the customers. When the rides are long, the customers often feel a bit cozy inside the cabs. Thus we have arranged different entertaining magazines for the customers.


It’s difficult to manage everyday local errands when your personal vehicle is not at your immediate disposal. For such situations, Silver Taxi comes to the rescue, because we care for you. You can book our chauffeur car in Melbourne from the comfort of your home by filling up an online form or simply giving us a call on our number, which remains active round the clock. In case you wish to know about our service in detail, including different areas we cater to and the spheres that we touch, our professionals are always there to respond to such queries.

At Cab Taxi Melbourne, we try to speed up your taxi booking process by providing simple booking through the phone or online. Our Silver Taxi Service Melbourne is one of the most renowned and trusted online taxi booking services in the city. We have all the different ranges of taxis and metered cool cabs to help you reach your destination at the right time. Our service promises to ensure our passengers a stress-free ride to the airport or any other destination on time. So, you can focus on other things throughout your day. Our transportation services work for both groups and individuals.

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